Roast Beef with Pea Sprouts

  • Servings
  • Cook Time
    10 Min

Cooking Directions

  • Thinly slice roast beef and set aside in refrigerator.
  • Cut pea sprouts to about an inch long. Set a pot of boiling water, and blanch pea sprouts.
  • Quickly strain sprouts and put them in an ice bath. Once sprouts have cooled, drain them and squeeze the water out; set aside.
  • In a small bowl combine House Foods Wa Karashi, soy sauce, sake and sugar.
  • Mix in pea shoots and roast beef and serve.

In this Recipe

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  • ¼ lb. cooked roast beef
  • 1 bag pea sprouts
  • 1 tsp. House Foods Wa Karashi
  • 1 ½ Tbsp. soy sauce
  • 2 tsp. sake
  • ½ tsp. sugar